Coffee at Work

Coffee Productivity

Coffee culture

  • Did you know that coffee is the most commonly consumed drink in the workplace?
  • Did you know that free coffee offered at your business site has been shown to improve employee productivity and morale, as well as customer loyalty and revenue?

A cup for every jane & joe

Our coffee machines are industrial-grade and can serve at least 100 brews per day.

Any organization (e.g. company, hospital, shop, bank, university) with people who enjoy coffee will therefore love having this machine at their convenience.

Coffee Conference
Coffee Business Suit

The smart choice

With our coffee machines at your workplace, you can save time and money and do partake in environmental care.

  • No time is lost from going to coffee shops.
  • Our specialty coffee is 50% less than retail prices.
  • Employees and customers feel appreciated and have greater satisfaction.
  • Non-recyclable waste from coffee pods are reduced.

Choose your brew

Select your coffee machine depending on your needs and preferences (e.g. number of cups, beverage options).

You can opt to either purchase according to consumable cups, making it free for your clients and/or employees. Alternatively, you can have it set up as a vending machine.

Coffee Drip